Boudoir Pose Breakdown – Landscape of the Booty Boudoir


Not only is this a clearly stylized full-body pose, but it’s also a booty pose without the focus of attention being so blatantly on the booty. The fact that the woman’s figure is in profile makes this booty pose more discreet… and anonymous as well.

In this episode of Boudoir Pose Breakdown we’re going to take a closer look at a pose I call, Landscape of the Booty Boudoir. 

What Is This Pose Saying?


To me, this pose is an expression of submission, especially with the head down and the arms outstretched exposing the sides. The raised booty is obviously sexually suggestive.

The Structure of the Pose

A woman’s figure is flattered when it forms S-curves and triangles. Landscape of the Booty Boudoir is nothing but triangles from the waist down, along with one big S-curve from her head to the back of her thigh.


The overall shape also forms one big triangle.


Having the arms stretched out in front helps to elongate the body, as well as, form space under the armpit. This is key if you want to see her face in profile. 


You also want to create space under her pelvis by telling her to arch her back while walking her knees slowly in towards her body.

If there’s light being cast behind your subject, those spaces will show up nicely.  

What helps a great deal in highlighting those spaces in the examples above is the white baseboard. It serves as some nice contrast against her darker skin.

I realize not everyone will be lighting their subjects from above, but it’s something to be aware of.

I think the pose looks best with the legs staggered, head down, arms outstretched, however, you can do a variation with the legs parallel, head to the side, and arms tucked.

Key Points to Landscape of the Booty Boudoir

If she has long hair, drape it forward to get if off her back and to expose the neck as much as possible. That will help the line of the pose and elongate her as well.

Always remember to point those toes!


Lens Choice

I shot these with a Tokina 24-70 f.28 zoom lens which made framing much easier when lying on the ground on my stomach. My camera wasn’t resting on the ground but raised a few inches above in my hands, propped up on my elbows. 

Tokina 24-70mm f/2.8
Tokina 24-70mm f2.8

If you have a 35mm prime then you’ll be scooting forward and back to get the right framing, or, as in my case, I needed the extra “room” the 24mm gives me in my space. 


If you want to emphasize the booty then a onesie with a thong back works best because it covers the back and mid-section so the exposed booty stands out.

It will also hide any skin folds that my occur on her back when she scoots her knees in and arches her back. 

I always prefer a onesie that has some kind of lace pattern to it or mesh that adds texture.

Wrap Up

Landscape of the Booty Boudoir is a definitive boudoir pose that is striking, dramatic, and makes a bold statement of sexual submission. 

It can also be used for a more discreet kind of booty shot, and works if your subject wants to share her images with you but still remain anonymous.

Thanks for your time!

Charles Mitri

Founder / Lounge Boudoir

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