Boudoir Pose Breakdown – Booty A La Carte

Boudoir floor pose

In this installment of Boudoir Pose Breakdown we’re going to take a look at a floor pose I call Booty A La Carte. 

Like The Icon, this pose is best executed on a hardwood floor or other hard surface, as opposed to a bed or sofa. You want that firm resistance to support the entire length of the body so you get a straight through-line from head to toe with no sagging in the middle that soft bedding or seat cushions will create.

What Is This Pose Saying?

To me, this pose suggests easy casual sensuality. This is a relaxed posed, almost as if you’re catching your subject in a candid moment resting or taking a nap… unaware that the camera is capturing their image. 

Unlike a lot of boudoir poses, the energy of this pose is on the opposite end of the spectrum from a lot of other poses because it looks so effortless, and there’s a stillness and calmness about it that I just love. 

To me, this pose isn’t trying to be sexy — it just is sexy, in a laid back understated way.

The Structure Of The Pose

Have your subject lie on her side with her back (and booty) to camera.

Her bottom arm and leg will stretch out to their full potential, creating that foundational hard straight line that will add geometric contrast to the upper half of her body that is all curves and undulations. 

(For a more in depth discussion of geometric contrast, read this article.)

Geometric contrast — straight line juxtaposed with undulating curvy line.

Her head rests on her outstretched arm, and if she has long hair you want to fan it out towards camera. 

Her top arm traces the curve of her waist/hip with just the right amount of bend to it so it creates a triangle.

Her hand rests flat on her hip.

Her top leg (now this is key!) is bent to the point that her thigh disappears from view. This will isolate that top butt cheek so you get that roundness of her booty. If her top leg is not bent enough and slid further down her bottom leg, you’ll see the top thigh tapering off which will spoil the roundness of that top butt cheek.

Her top foot rests somewhere near the bend of her bottom knee.

If you can, move her hair so you can see her neck line as well. This usually isn’t a problem since the hair will fall naturally towards the ground but it’s something to be aware of.

Key Points To Capturing Booty A La Carte

Make sure her body is as aligned as possible so she’s forming a straight line (as opposed to an arc)

Then, position yourself on the floor, centered to her body, with the lens of your camera as parallel to her body as possible. 

(Boy, there’s a lot of work that goes into such a seemingly relaxed and casual pose!)

Boudoir contract


Since this pose features the booty, I like to shoot this in a onesie with a thong bottom but covered back (if possible). The reason I prefer this is so the flesh of her booty is not competing with the flesh of her exposed back if she was in bra and bottoms.

To feature the booty even more, have her slip on some thigh-high fine mesh stockings. That will really draw the point of focus to her booty, isolating it even more. 

It’s that contrast of her dark outfit against her exposed lighter skin that will make her booty pop in the image.

If your client has darker skin, then choose a lighter colored onesie so it contrasts with her darker skin and the effect will be the same.

Wrap Up

This is another pose that clients purchase every time (along with The Icon).

It’s great because it creates such a different mood from almost every other boudoir pose and adds some nice variety to one’s collection.

Again, you want to shoot this on a hard floor as opposed to a bed or sofa so the hard surface prevents the middle from sagging.

But Wait… There’s More!

If shot on a shiny hardwood floor or polished cement floor, you get the added bonus of the model’s reflection, which is a cool effect as well (if you have enough light).

Thanks for your time!

Charles Mitri

Founder / Lounge Boudoir

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