Boudoir Pose Breakdown — Peek-A-Booty

In this episode of Boudoir Pose Breakdown we’e gonna’ to take a look at a pose I call… wait for it… Peek-A-Booty!

Like its cousins Reclined Floor Pose With A Twist and Booty A La Carte, Peek-A-Booty is another casual voyeuristic type of pose.

It’s another one of those poses that isn’t trying to be sexy, it just is… in a laid back kind of way, which I think is pretty cool.

It gives your shoot what I refer to as variety of attitude (or mood, whichever you prefer).

What Is The Pose Saying?

This pose is saying, “Damn, I look sexy when I’m sleeping!” 

Yes, we know that… but what else?

To me, the sexy quotient of this pose goes way up because of its voyeuristic point of view. The viewer feels as if they’re witnessing something they’re not supposed to be seeing.

It’s like you’ve accidentally walked into someone’s bedroom and… oops! … you’re pleasantly surprised and riveted at the same time by the sight of a woman’s bare booty peeking out from under the sheets.

It’s not that anyone hasn’t seen a million bootys before, but it’s the context in which you’re seeing it that makes all the difference.

The Structure Of The Pose

Pretty simple, really.

Have your subject lie flat on her stomach on a bed, head turned away from camera with arms framing her head. It might even look better with her head resting flat on the bed without the pillow. Try it!

Now, just arrange the sheet so it partially covers her booty, leaving a portion of it exposed.

What would probably work even better (now that I think about it) would be to not make the sheet so neat and tidy, but mess it up a bit. That way it won’t look so staged.


You could have her bend one knee and slide it up a bit, keeping the other leg straight — which is probably a more natural position to be in when sleeping on your stomach.

You want to move up the leg furthest from camera on the same side that her head is turned. If you slide the leg up on the opposite side that her head is turned towards, her neck will torque making the pose extremely uncomfortable, if not impossible to hold.

Go ahead, see for yourself. Get on your bed and try it both ways. 

Variation Of Angle

Capturing the pose at 45 degrees will always work but there’s also the 6 o’clock position, which in this case would be at her feet.

Face Turned Towards Camera

I’m not a fan of face turned towards camera, at least in this instance.

The shot loses its sense of mystery as well as its impact… and since this pose features the booty, I don’t want anything else competing for that attention.

(But hey, I’m me and you’re you, so you may like it.)

Key Points To Capturing Peek-A-Booty

This works best when the client is wearing a thong or no bottoms at all.

For this, I have my clients get under the sheet first where they can then remove their bottoms discreetly. They get into position and then the sheet is arranged accordingly. 

Also, head turned away from camera is key to creating mystique. When you see the face it changes something for me and lessens the shot’s impact. 

Add Something Blurry In The Foreground

I wrote a whole article on shooting in a voyeuristic style which you can read here, so I’ll just mention this briefly.

Have some object out of focus and blurry in the foreground to put the person viewing the shot into the voyeur’s point of view.

This will increase the voyeuristic effect immensely. In fact, it’s key to shooting in this style.


Bra and thong or no bottoms

T-shirt and thong or no bottoms.

No bra and no bottoms.

I prefer some type of top with no bottoms because it creates a point of focus for the image… her booty, and I like a point of focus in my images. 

With no bra and no bottoms her entire back is exposed and part of her booty. It’s too much in my opinion and dilutes the effect of just having her booty exposed, but to each their own.

T-shirt and no bottoms would work too, although I’ve never tried it, however, be careful it doesn’t look too contrived, which you run the risk of.

You want this shot to look as natural as possible, as if she fell asleep and in the process of changing position, the sheet slid down partially exposing part of her bum.

Wrap Up

Peek-A-Booty is an edgier pose for those clients who want that. 

It’s a good pose to slip into rotation for your bed flow posing sequence and can be shot at either a 45 degree angle or from near her feet more. 

Find the right angle that works best with the light you’re working with.

Thanks for your time!

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Charles Mitri

Founder / Lounge Boudoir

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