Boudoir Pose Breakdown – Sexy Z

Boudoir bed pose breakdown

This week in Boudoir Pose Breakdown we’re going to take a look at a reclined pose I call Sexy Z, because its shape reminds me of the letter “Z”.

Sexy Z can be shot on the floor but I much prefer it done on a bed for three reasons.

— First, it’s more comfortable for the subject

— Second, I like the look the messy sheets gives me, catching all those highlights and shadows

— Third, it’s easy to include in your bed flow-posing sequence…

And that’s exactly what I do. I shoot Sexy Z right after Resting Desire and Restless Desire.

What Is This Pose Saying?

Poses can mean different things to different people but the tone and mood I get from Sexy Z is similar to that of Booty A La Carte.

Like Booty A La Carte, Sexy Z is a casual sexy pose, as if the woman has just woken up and the first stirrings of sexuality are beginning to express themselves (with eyes closed). With eyes open and looking into camera, the pose becomes a bit more energized.

Shoot From A Bird’s Eye View

Sexy Z is most effective if shot from a somewhat bird’s eye view. 

I get up on a ladder and shoot down on my subject at about a 45 to 30 degree angle with her head near me and feet in the distance.

The closer to floor level you get and the “Z” shape begins to flatten out and diminish, so try and get elevated if possible, even if just standing on a chair.

Shot at ground level and the Z shape disappears.

The Structure of the Pose

Have your subject lie on her back with knees bent, then have her collapse them down and away from camera while her head turns towards camera, so you get this “twisting” motion.

Take the hand closest to camera (the one lower in frame) and have her hook her thumb into the waistband of her bottoms with wrist flared back as if she’s slipping them off.

Her other hand (the one higher in frame) frames her head resting on the bed.

What you’re going for here are two triangles created by the bend of each elbow. 

If she has long hair, fan it out onto the bed either behind her or above her head. The key here is to make it look like messy sex hair… as opposed to a shampoo commercial.


Sexy Z will feature the stomach prominently so if your subject is self-conscious about that part of her body, advise her to wear a onesie or bra and bottoms with a sexy robe so you can control the amount of exposure that area gets.

It will also feature her chest, so I usually pick an outfit that has lots of lacy adornment or a design with fine mesh… as opposed to something solid and plain. 

That’s A Wrap!

Sexy Z is an easy and simple pose to add to your bed flow-posing sequence, and adds variety to your session because of the bird’s eye angle, and the more variety you have, the more likely clients will want to include it in their purchase. 

Thanks for your time!

Charles Mitri

Founder / Lounge Boudoir

Bella Mitri Boudoir

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