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Boudoir standing pose

In this episode of Boudoir Pose Breakdown we’re going to take an in-depth look at a pose I call Seductive Standing Wall Pose… along with its variations. 

With this pose especially, you can get many different poses by changing the positioning of the arms, head, and legs… and then even more so with some creative cropping, which I’ll show examples of further down.

I always include this series of poses in my sessions because they always make the subject look good, and you can get a big variety of images in a short amount of time. In fact, this is my fastest and most efficient series to knock out and they look great both dark and moody, and light and airy. 

The Economy Of Seductive Standing Wall Pose

When I use the word “economy” with regard to this pose, I’m referring to the fact that all you need is a wall and a light source, whether that’s a window or some type of artificial light.

It doesn’t even matter what the floor looks like because I always crop these shots either at mid-shin or mid-thigh so the floor never even comes into play.

This makes Seductive Standing Wall Pose one of the easiest, fastest, and most varied boudoir poses you can have in your arsenal of boudoir poses. 

The Foundation

Boudoir wall pose
Seductive Standing Wall Pose Foundation

With any pose that has a number of variations associated with it, I always start with a base pose or “foundation pose” from which I then branch out from with some variety.

With Seductive Standing Wall Pose my first direction is to instruct the woman to lean against the wall… but arch the back so only her shoulder blades and booty (or sometimes just shoulder blades) make contact with it.

Have her shift her weight to the leg furthest from camera and cross it with the leg closest to camera. This gets you that nice tapered angle from her hips down to her knees and also slims her frame and looks very feminine.

Boudoir standing wall pose
Cross leg to get tapered angle that flatters the female form.

Now position her arms above her head flat against the wall so they frame her head asymmetrically, with the arm closest to camera lower than the one furthest from camera. 

(You may recall this same arm positioning from Resting Desire and Restless Desire on the bed.)

Now, have her turn her head away from you. You’ll be shooting at roughly a 45 degree angle so her face will be turned away from you as well. 

I’ve shot this with head turned towards camera (and you may prefer that), but I found shooting this dark and moody with the kind of lighting setup that I use, you get to see the outline of her face profiled against the wall when it’s turned away.

When turned towards camera, her face will be hidden in shadow which can look very cool as well.

Boudoir wall pose
With head turned away from light, face falls into shadows.

Now, whether shooting this dark and moody or light and airy, if you can position your subject against the wall so that both you and the light source are at roughly 45 degrees on opposite sides, then you’ll get those highlights and shadows whether shooting with natural light or artificial light.

This is your basic “short lighting” setup which I talk about in my article, “Boudoir Lighting Diagrams For Natural Light”

I like this lighting setup a lot because it hides a portion of your subject in shadow… and this does three things.

1 — It will have a slimming effect on her because it hides some of her form in shadow

2 — The shadows add a mystique to your images

3 — The highlights give your images a point of focus

Now, this can all be achieved shooting light and airy, however the degree of the effects I just mentioned will be diminished.

Boudoir TFP Agreement

Variations Of Seductive Standing Wall Pose

Okay, now it’s time to run through the variations I use when shooting this pose but feel free to add or create ones of your own.

Tugging On Bra Straps

For this variation I still have her arch her back so only her shoulder blades make contact with the wall, but I have her hook her thumbs under her bra straps, and with wrists flared back, have her pull them out and away (at a 45 degree angle) from her body.

Boudoir standing wall pose

Pulling Down Bottoms

Instruct her to slip her thumbs into the waistband of her bottoms and then (with wrists flared back, because it adds a stylistic nuance) have her pull them down just before the image becomes X-rated (this is Boudoir and not Erotica after all, although we sometimes walk right up to that line).

Note: With this variation, I have my subject stand with feet parallel to one another. Contact with the wall will be with shoulder blades, booty, and backs of elbows now.

Boudoir standing wall pose

Tugging On Bra Strap and Bottoms

From here, have her take her hand furthest from camera and like before, hook it under her bra strap pulling out and away, while the hand closest to camera remains pulling down that side of her bottoms. 

This variation adds energy to the shot as the tension created by pulling her lingerie in opposite directions can be felt through the image.

Boudoir standing pose

This one in particular conveys a passionate urgency as is she’s tearing off her clothes in a state of high arousal, if your model infuses the pose with this type of energy.

To help her get there, you could describe an imaginary scenario of what might be happening to her to help her feel that emotion in the moment. 

Hands Running Through Hair

Another variation can be to have your model posed as if she’s running her hands through her hair. The goal here is to get those elbows up so they’re pointing out and away.

Have your subject “run her hands through her hair” very slowly so she’s actually doing it, but slow enough to capture a still shot. Having her do this will make the pose less awkward for her, as opposed to her just holding that position.

Boudoir standing wall pose

Cupping Rib Cage

Here’s one I recently started adding. Have your client place her hands just below her breasts (on her rib cage).

Now, you could have her cupping her breasts but I prefer the suggestion of her doing that instead. I find it adds an element of anticipation to the shot, and anticipation creates tension, in this case — sexual tension

Boudoir standing wall pose

You want her to slide her hands up to her breasts but because you’ve captured the moment just before that, the viewer has to fill in the gap with their imagination and that engages them on a whole new level with the image. 

If you did have her cup her breasts though, make sure she cups them from the bottom or lower half so her hands don’t completely cover them. By placing her hands there, you draw focus to that part of her body and they should then be “on display”. 

Creative Cropping With Seductive Standing Wall Pose

I find this pose in particular lends itself very well to cropping, so you’re able to create entirely unique shots with just the Crop Tool in Lightroom or Photoshop.

Now I usually shoot this series full length, or at least from mid-shin to just above the head, and save the cropping for later in post.

One of the crops I regularly do is from just under the nose (so her mouth and lips are at the top of the frame) to about mid-thigh.

Since you can’t see her eyes or legs, you’re basically framing her torso and that to me gives the image a completely different feel. You’re forcing the viewer to just look at her body and objectifying her body and sexuality in the most primal way

That to me, is a powerful boudoir image… when it can bypass all our social niceties and decorum and tap into our primal sexual nature… in a tasteful artistic way.

It’s also a great way to make your subject anonymous if you have a client unwilling to have photos of her on your website where she’s recognizable… so it has that going for it a well.

Shooting From The Lighted Side

If you shoot this pose from the same angle where the light is coming from, your subject will be much more lit and the majority of her form will be seen. 

This setup works better if you’re going for that all-natural light and airy look, with a trace of shadow on her opposite side. This is your basic “broad lighting” positioning which you can read about in my article, “Boudoir Lighting Diagrams For Natural Light”.


As you can see, Seductive Standing Wall Pose can have many variations to it with arm, leg, and head placement, and because it can be so varied is why you need to find four or five variations that you really like and start there. 

Knock out the ones you know will work and you know will make the client look good, then experiment a bit if you want to find something new. 

I love shooting this series because it’s comfortable for the subject, it’s an easy setup, and it’s efficient to shoot. 

What more could you ask for?

If you found this article helpful, please forward it to someone it may also benefit.

Thanks for your time!

Charles Mitri

Founder / Lounge Boudoir

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