Why Your Boudoir Business Will Change A Lot

Boudoir Business

You’re a boudoir photographer who has recently started their business… that’s great! 


I know it took a lot to get to this point and that’s a major accomplishment, I applaud you.

So, you’re at that phase where you’ve learned enough about lighting and posing and pricing to get yourself up and running, and you’re marketing yourself to find new clients.

Perhaps you’ve shot a few already, or maybe you’ve been at it for six months or even a year or so.

Whether you’re at a very early stage or you’ve been at it a bit longer, expect your business to change a lot moving forward. How your business looks now will most likely be quite different from what it will look like a year from now.

The Reason For Change

Whenever we venture out to start a new endeavor (like start a boudoir photography business) we’re at that stage where we have the most to learn. Since we’re coming from a place of never having done this before, our learning curve will be the steepest at this point.

Everything is new, everything is trial and error, and there’s a lot of material to get through, understand, and put into practice.

You’re going to be trying a lot of different things with all aspects of your business…









… just to name a few.

Since there is so much to learn through the process of doing now, (it’s not just ideas in a notepad), adjustments will undoubtedly be made.

Does this work for me?

How well is this working for me?

Could this work better for me if I just did this?

Is this something that will work for me when I’m more established?

In fact, once you get out of the starting gates, it may take you some time to really find your lane… then once you do, it will take you more time to fine tune being in your lane.

Major Changes and Minor Changes

Major Changes

Major changes will steer your business in a new direction and are time-consuming to do.

“I need to completely rebrand myself.” (overhauling your website, messaging, and images)

“I’m going to find a studio to shoot in and sign a lease.” (finding the right studio that works for you that you can afford and getting it ready to shoot in)

“I’m going to change my style of shooting.” (learning how to shoot in a new style, replacing all the images on your website and starting over with the images on your social media)

I would consider these to be major changes.

Minor Changes

Minor changes will be a test to add more value to your business and are not time-consuming endeavors.

“I want to increase my prices.” (changing the pricing on your website)

“I want to add this pose to my flow-posing sequence and eliminate this one.” (just remember to shoot the new pose and not the one you no longer want)

“I’m going to change my opt-in offer on my website.” (simply craft a new offer and change it on your website)

Regardless, change is going to occur.

Why We Make Changes In Our Business

Change is the result of trial and error.

When we start out we’re really not sure what’s going to work. We have an idea of what will work, based on all the information we’ve been consuming, but we won’t know for sure until we put it into practice.

Everyone’s Business Is Different

If you stop to think about it, everyone’s boudoir business is different from everyone else’s. They’re as unique as the people behind them are.

It’s always a good idea to learn from a variety of people. Take what works and discard what doesn’t and filter every decision through your own values, ethics, and brand.

Voluntary Change Verses Mandatory Change

When things are going well, change will be voluntary.

“I’m getting too many people buying my top package. It’s time to raise my prices.”

When things are not going well, change will be mandatory.

“Women are calling, but few are booking. Something needs to change.”


Change is inevitable.

With new technology…

With new software…

With new ideas…

Change is a part of our lives more so now than at any other time simply because it comes at such a faster rate than before. 

Wrap Up

Expect change.

Embrace it.

Don’t be afraid to face change in your business.

Thanks for your time!

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Charles Mitri

Charles Mitri is an award-winning boudoir photographer and also founder and writer of LoungeBoudoir.com, an educational blog and resource website for boudoir photographers worldwide. He lives in Yorktown, Virginia.

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