If you’re looking to buy brand spankin’ new, then look no further than Adorama. They have a huge selection of cameras, lenses, tripods, lighting, modifiers… plus a whole lot more. If it’s photography related, Adorama has it… and they sell used gear as well so check ’em out!

KEH has the largest used photography inventory in the world. They buy and sell used cameras and lenses all day long and have an excellent rating system that helps customers determine the condition of all items. They also do repairs and if you sign up for their newsletter, they feature discounts on a regular basis.

Specializing in buying and selling used camera gear. They have a ton of inventory at great prices.  Check ’em out at

I use V-flats all the time for bouncing natural light for fill from a window or speedlite, or to reduce light. These V-flats are super convenient to use and fold up so they fit in your car. Check ’em out at V-Flat World. com

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Lens Rentals is an online rental house that allows you to rent cameras and lenses through the mail. This is great if you need a specific camera or lens for a one-time shoot, or you want to try out a lens or camera that you’re interested in buying.


I use CloudSpot for showing my clients their images online when they’re unable to do an in-person viewing. In addition to being able to provide a unique password to each and every client gallery, I’m also able to brand the platform with my logo. You can conduct sales through the site too. Check ’em out if you’re looking for a safe and professional looking gallery platform.