Recommended Lenses

"Check Fit by Camera Brand & Model"

Before you purchase any lens make sure it will fit onto your particular camera body. Amazon has a feature called “Check Fit by Camera Brand & Model” where you can type in your brand and model right on the page of the lens you’re checking out to make sure it will be compatible. If buying from a private seller, do some research on the web or call a well known camera store and ask someone there if a particular lens will fit the camera you have.  

Recommended 50mm Lenses

If you’re on a budget and looking for a great 50mm lens at a low price, this auto focus Nikkor is a great value. A go-to lens for shooting boudoir, this 50 is small, compact, and light weight (5.5 ounces), it also has amazing color rendering and micro-contrast (a big plus for turning images to black & white). As low as $80 used. Please check your camera model for compatibility. 

A great value auto focus lens from Canon. With seven rounded aperture blades instead of five, this lens produces rounder creamier bokeh. Throw in a metal mount, Super Spectra Coating, and an improved manual focus ring and this improved version 50mm 1.8 runs circles around its predecessor. Make sure to get the “STM” model. Also small, compact, and light weight (5.6 ounces), this is Canon’s best-selling lens because it provides quality optics at a low price. Pick one up used for around $90 in excellent condition. Please check your camera model for compatibility. 

Super fast auto focus. Light weight and compact. Extremely sharp with “stunning saturation and micro-contrast” which is ideal for turning images into black & white. Beautiful bokeh. For mirrorless cameras. $399 used. Please check your camera model for compatibility. 

Recommended 35mm Lenses

Auto focus. Another great value lens. Compact and light weight.  Superb micro-contrast and color rendering. If you like to shoot a bit wider, capturing more of the setting, you’ll need a good 35mm in your arsenal. Used around $199. Please check your camera model for compatibility.

Auto focus. Super sharp. Creamy bokeh. High saturation. This is the best 35mm lens — period. Recently marked down $200! If you need to save money, get the 35mm f/2 D but if you can at all afford the extra cost — then get this lens! You will have it for a lifetime.

See above for description. This is the link for the Tamron AF 35mm f1.4 for Canon bodies.

Recommended Mid-Range Zoom Lenses

If you’re looking for a great mid-range zoom, a jack-of-all-trades lens then this is your baby! Pay only around $200 used. Please check your camera model for compatibility. 

Recommended Portrait Style Lenses

Auto focus. Make sure you get the D series! This 85mm is great for portrait-style boudoir when you want to get up close and intimate or for beautiful body shots. You should be able to find one for under $300. Please check your camera model for compatibility. (Don’t confuse it with the 1.4 which is a great lens too but a lot more $$.)

Auto Focus. This is a beautiful lens for portrait-type boudoir images. The 100mm fixed focal length will give you good compression of the background adding variety to your boudoir images. Should be able to find one used for under $300. Make sure you get one that’s compatible with either your Nikon or Canon camera body.

For Canon

Used Lenses

If you’re in the market for a used lens be sure to check out KEH and UsedProPhoto for a great deal.