Most Popular Boudoir Chair Poses

Boudoir chair pose with young female straddling chair

Having your boudoir client pose sexy in a chair can be challenging, after all there are many different types of chairs and each one comes with poses that work best for that particular design.

To make things simple (I like simple) we’re going to focus on just three types of chairs that might be found in most boudoir photo shoot situations and all together we’ll have the best boudoir chair poses to store in our memory banks of boudoir chair posing!

Sound fun?

You bet!

Let’s Go!

The Dining Room Chair


The dining room chair is probably the chair that comes to mind when someone mentions the word “chair”. It’s your typical dining room or kitchen table chair, usually made of wood, with a simple straight back, and no armrests. 

The Straddle

The boudoir chair pose that makes the boldest statement is the straddle.

This provocative and suggestive pose holds nothing back and makes an impression that most other boudoir poses can’t.

This pose can work with either a solid or see-through back. The solid back leaves more to the imagination but is still powerful.

Have your subject sit backwards in the chair with her legs straddling either side and have her grab the backrest or sides of her seat with both hands. 

With this one pose you can get three completely different looks. 

From The Front

Boudoir chair pose with woman straddling chair

Shot from the front you get probably one of the most unapologetically sexual images one can capture because of the taboo nature of the woman’s open legs. It’s a pose that pulls no punches and reflexively demands our attention.

There’s a lot you can do here so experiment with having her shift her body around until you see something that looks interesting.  

You can go for complete symmetry of alignment, or capture something more asymmetrical. Personally, I like the asymmetrical look better because the perfectly symmetrical shot can come off looking clinical and emotionally distant. 

A Variation on the Straddle

A variation of this straddle pose can be when you have your subject sit in the chair proper but angled so she’s straddling one of the front corners. 

Boudoir chair pose

Have her grip that corner with both hands, stiff-armed, between her legs.

Her hands and arms conceal her inner thigh area, while still delivering a bold image.

From The Side

Chair boudoir pose

Shot in profile or at forty-five degrees off axis from behind, this pose emphasizes the sensual line of the woman’s shoulders, down the back, to the curve of her bottom. It’s important she arch her back and engage her hands by gripping the backrest. Shot from the side, this can be quite a dramatic image. 

From The Back

From the back, this angle emphasizes the back, hips, booty, and legs. Unlike the more in-your-face front angle, this back angle becomes sexy by what it’s not showing you. 

With the woman straddling the chair we still get that bold statement of unbridled sexuality, however, is comes with more discreetness. 

The Arm Chair

This is your typical cushioned arm chair with armrests that exists in just about every living room in the world. There are lots of variations on this style, but when it comes down to it, they all stem from the same basic design.

Unlike the armless dining chair, this time we’re going to use the arms to our advantage.

The Carry Pose 

Boudoir chair pose

I like to call this the Carry Pose since the arms of the chair mimic human arms carrying someone.

Have the woman lie across the chair with her butt resting on the seat. Her legs will be draped over one arm while her back rests against the other. Instruct her to stagger her bended legs with either the one closest to camera lower than the one behind it or vice versa.

This creates some nice triangles that always complement a woman’s curvy figure.

With her hand closest to camera, I usually like her to grip the front edge of the chair as it engages the hand and energizes it.

The other hand can be placed delicately on her upper chest area or resting above her in some fashion. 

This pose creates more interesting angles and layers than any other pose I can think of, so have fun with it and try out variations. 

The Elegant Lady

Another pose you can do in this chair is something I call the Elegant Lady… because it’s elegant and sexy at the same time.

Have your subject sit kind of sideways near the front edge of the seat, both feet on the floor, legs staggered. It’s almost as if she’s sitting in profile to the chair but angled slightly towards camera. 

Have her look over her shoulder back towards camera where the hand furthest from camera is sliding down the bra strap closest to camera. Her other hand can rest on her thigh. She can either look straight into camera or down the length of her body.

Shoot it both ways and see which one you like better.

The Angled Recline

A third pose for the common arm chair is what I refer to as the Angled Recline. 

Have the subject sit in the chair but angled so her upper body favors one side of the chair and armrest while her legs stretch out in the opposite direction. She’s sitting but reclined at the same time.

This pose features the legs and stomach or mid-section of the body. She can cross her ankles or legs depending on what works best. Crossing her ankles will straighten and elongate her legs while crossing her legs will create more angles. 

Play and experiment with it. 

Find what works best with different body types.

The Rounded Chair

The rounded chair (also known as a barrel chair) has a rounded back that also serves as armrests as it curves around, sloping down towards the front on both sides. 

Sometimes these chairs swivel, sometimes they don’t. 

Crouching Tiger

Guide your model to position herself on her side with her knees tucked in close. Her upper body is raised up some, supported by her forearm that rests on the seat of the chair. 

It’s kind of a curled up crouched position. 

If she was on a bed, her legs would be extended with one hip popped up resting on her forearms. The only difference here is that she has a lot less area to work with so she’s forced to tuck her legs in. 

The rest of the pose is pretty much the same.

The Stool

White stool

Posing with a stool is limited since you’re dealing with such a small area to work with — just a small seat.

If it has a foot rest, you can get some nice staggered angles with the legs with one foot up on the footrest while the other is positioned on the floor. 

Half-Seated Half-Standing

This pose emphasizes the legs and it’s where the client is half-sitting half-standing. One leg is straight, stretched down to the floor while the other is propped up on the foot rest. Depending on how tall she is (or how tall the stool is) will determine what she does with her hands. 

Some options are gripping the seat with both hands, gripping the edge of the seat with both hands between her legs, or hands resting on thighs. 

There’s no hard fast rule here. She could be peeling off a bra strap of unbuttoning a blouse, or running her hands through her hair. Do try and give her hands something to do though, it will energize the shot. 

Straddle With A Stool

Much like the variation of the straddle pose with the dining chair earlier, have your subject sit with both feet resting on the footrest, knees apart with hands gripping the edge of the seat stiff-armed between her legs.

Bonus Pose!

The Cosmopolitan 

I call this the Cosmopolitan because it reminds me of worldly sophistication.

I first saw this pose on the cover of a book called Body Language when I was a kid. It must have made an impression on me, clearly, to have stuck with me so many years later.

A rather enigmatic pose, direct your subject to sit proper in the chair with a straight back with both arms and legs crossed. 

It can be used as an implied nudity shot because everything is covered up by the crossed arms and legs.

This pose is all about attitude and facial expression… and concealing a naked body if posing in the buff. 

That’s A Wrap

So, there you have it. The most popular boudoir chair poses utilizing three different chairs… and one stool.

Now you have the power to pose any woman in any chair! But remember… “with great power comes great responsibility”.

So, use this power wisely.

Thanks for your time!

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