How To Make the Booty Look Bigger In a Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir bed pose on stomach

The booty is in… in case you haven’t heard. 

It’s so “in” that there are procedures now whereby you can get butt implants to make your booty bigger (I wouldn’t recommend that)

In this article we’re going to explore how you can make your client’s booty look bigger in a boudoir shoot if that’s something your subject has requested… or even if she hasn’t, there are times when a “booty pop” (my personal term for it) is needed. 

So, how can you make the booty look bigger in a boudoir shoot? 

  1. Have them pop one hip out when standing 
  2. Have them pop one hip up when lying down
  3. Have them arch their back
  4. Position their booty closer to camera than any other body part
  5. Have them grab their thighs just below the booty line with both hands and lift
  6. Have them wear booty padded bottoms
  7. Have them shift their weight onto the leg closest to camera 
  8. Have them wear a corset that makes their waist thinner
  9. Have them lift their hips in the air when lying on their stomach
  10. Have them wear bottoms that “frame” the booty

My Kim K. Story

True story… I used to drive for a car service in Los Angeles and I drove Kim Kardashian a few times (name drop). I once had to pick her up from the airport and while we were waiting in baggage she was wearing a skin tight dress that showed off every curve of her body… and booty. 

Now, standing just three feet away, in my opinion, her booty did not look like it was of the all-natural home-grown type (yes, of course I looked). If I had to put money on it, I would say it was definitely surgically enhanced. It was just completely out of proportion to the rest of her body. 

Everything’s a Lie

All photos shot with a camera are not reality, but only an illusion of reality… and one that can be greatly manipulated whether in-camera or in post with Photoshop.

In fact, this article is a testament to that illusion.

And with the story above, even what appears to be reality can in fact be a false reality.

Body positivity is such a huge issue now and trying to emulate in real life what is an illusion in the first place can lead to some serious problems, especially among young women whose entire identity is wrapped up in their appearance on social media. 

So, with that being said, don’t believe everything you see in photos of someone’s “amazing” butt to be their real butt. They may, in fact, have used some of the very techniques that we’re going to talk about here.

Put Another Way

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s okay to have fun in front of the camera to make yourself look your best (heck, that’s all I do in my line of work), but don’t let it become such an obsession that it defines who you think you are… because you’re much more than a body part. 

When Would a “Booty Pop” Be Needed?

As mentioned earlier, I use the term “booty pop” with my clients. 

I’ll say something like, “Okay, raise that right hip up so we can get a bit of a booty pop.” 

What am I saying here? What am I trying to achieve?

The reason I do this is to create an “S-curve”. It’s to create the undulating curve that defines the female form… or to enhance what’s already there. 

When getting into certain poses and guiding the subject, my goal is to make her look as curvy and sinewy as possible and having her pop her hip out or up to create a booty pop helps me achieve that.

Also, please note that sometimes it’s not just about making the booty look bigger, but rather making it appear more defined. In other words, moving the body such that it gives it more shape and contour.

Okay, enough chit-chat, let’s get to the “bottom” of this (ha-ha).

Boudoir image of young woman

1. Have Them Pop One Hip Out When Standing

When the woman is standing with her weight evenly distributed on both feet, in addition to having her arch her back and tilt forward some, having her pop one hip out or rather having her shift her weight onto one leg, will plump out and define that butt cheek. 

It also gives the pose some nice asymmetry which lends itself to a longer S-curve from head to toe.

2.  Have Them Pop One Hip Up When Lying Down

When lying on their stomach on either a bed or on the floor, having them slide the knee that’s closest to camera up some will raise that hip, lifting that side of their booty creating more curvature. 

Boudoir bed pose on stomach

It makes what could be a flat looking backside into one with much more shape and curve to it.

3. Have Them Arch Their Back

Make the booty look bigger in a boudoir shoot

This will work with just about any pose because of the nature of how the human body is built. You can’t arch your back without your booty sticking out, and when the booty sticks out it becomes amplified.

4. Position Their Booty Closer To Camera Than Any Other Body Part

This is one of those techniques that will make your booty look bigger, because it relies on the nature of optics and lenses and how all that works. 

Have your client pose in such a way that her booty, more than any other body part, is closest to camera — because anything closer to camera will appear bigger than if further away.

5. Have Them Grab Their Thighs Just Below Their Booty With Both Hands and Lift

Is this cheating? Uh, it’s all cheating… but who cares? It’s just a boudoir pose. We’re not negotiating a peace treaty between warring countries… and besides, the cheat is shown right in the image itself!

Have your client grab her upper thighs with both hands right below each butt cheek and have her push her tush up. This should be called the Tush Push. In fact, I’ll officially dub it here with thy royal sword. 

“I dub thee booty pose, the Tush Push.” 

There… so it is said, so it shall be. 

6. Have Them Wear Booty Padded Bottoms

Okay, this is definitely cheating but remember what I said at the beginning… photos from a camera are not reality but only the illusion of reality… so I guess that gives me a pass to add this method.

Hey, women do it all the time with padded bras so it’s no surprise that the padding has migrated down to Bootyville. 

This would obviously only work with articles of clothing that would hide the padding from being detected, like a pair of jeans but it could also work with bottoms that provide more coverage as well… and shooting at just the right angle will help too. 

7. Butt Lifting Thong

If you’re looking for the same effect that the Tush Push gives you, but hands-free, then check out the amazing “butt lifting thong”.

I kid you not.

Go to right now and check it out (use coupon code CHARLES6271 for 5% off!) It’s called “Kim”, a rather elaborate thong-like garment that lifts the booty in the same way that the Tush Push does… but hands-free! (Isn’t technology amazing?)

8. Have Them Shift Their Weight Onto the Leg Closest to Camera 

This is a lot like #1 on the list, but is more effective when you’re at a 45 degree angle to your subject. The technique of popping one hip out in #1 works when you’re shooting more directly right behind them. 

9. Have Them Wear a Corset That Makes Their Waist Thinner

If they have a corset that draws in their waist, it will automatically make their booty look bigger… by making their waist look smaller.

And shooting from directly behind your subject will probably have the biggest impact. 

Vintage Corset

10. Have Them Lift Their Hips In the Air When Lying on Their Stomach

This is a slight variation from #2 except here the woman is lying flat on the bed or floor on her stomach. In #2 she’s kind of lying half on her stomach and half rolled onto her side… kind of in between there.

With this pose, she props herself up into almost a “W” shape. Rising off the bed onto her knees and elbow, legs pointing up, back arched, this pose will outline and define the booty more so than make it look bigger. 

To get the most out of this shot you’ll want to shoot her against a background that contrasts with her skin tone and color of her bottoms so you can see her shape clearly outlined and free from any distractions that a busy background can bring.  

11. Have Them Wear Bottoms That “Frame” the Booty

This is another one of those techniques that shapes and defines more than makes bigger.

Having the subject wear thong type underwear that contrasts in a big way with their skin tone will help in shaping thy royal backside. 

Ones that are more rounded near the top as opposed to straight across work best, as they reinforce the natural roundness that bootys (booties?) have in the first place. 

As mentioned above, photographing women is all about creating curves and roundness and this technique is a simple method that can draw more attention to that part of the body. 

If you found this article helpful, please forward it to someone it may also benefit.

Thanks for your time!

Charles Mitri

Founder / Lounge Boudoir

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