Canon’s 6D Mark II or Nikon’s D750 For Boudoir?

If you’re currently using a crop sensor camera and looking to make the jump to a full size sensor, two cameras you might look at are Canon’s 6D Mark II and Nikon’s D750. In this article we’re going to take a look at these two entry-level full-frame cameras and evaluate which one is better for shooting boudoir and why. 

Canon’s original 6D debuted at the end of 2012, then after five years and several improvements, Canon came out with the 6D Mark II in 2017.

Nikon’s D750 debuted in 2014.

Megapixels and Sensors

Both cameras have full-frame CMOS sensors with the 6D having 26.2 megapixels verses 24.3 megapixels for the D750. A slight edge to the Canon here, however, the D750 has a 7% larger pixel area making it capable of collecting more light. 

According to DXOMARK, they give the Nikon D750’s sensor a score of 93 compared to an 84 for the 6D.

The 6D Mark II came out three years after the D750 and uses the newer DIGIC 7 processor while the Nikon uses the older EXPEED 4 image processor. 

So, which one produces better quality images? That’s what we really want to know. 

DXOMARK is an independent testing lab that “scientifically assesses” cameras, lenses, and smartphones — running products through hundreds of tests to evaluate their image quality then assigning them a score — the DXOMARK score. 

When comparing the Canon 6D Mark II to Nikon’s D750, the Canon received an overall score of  85 while the Nikon received an overall score of 93.

With regard to shooting portraits (boudoir) and color depth, the results were nearly identical though with the D750 barely edging out the 6D II with a score of 24.8 bits to 24.4 bits. 

The gap widens when shooting landscapes and sports which accounts for the D750’s higher overall score, but with regard to shooting people and faces, the difference is so slight to be hardly noticeable. 

It’s virtually a tie as far as image quality goes, if we’re just concerning ourselves with boudoir. 

Let’s take a look at auto-focus.


The 6D II has 45 auto-focus points with all 45 being the cross-type, or phase detect points, while the D750 has 51 auto-focus points with only 15 being of the cross-type. I think the edge has to go to the 6D II here.


The Canon 6D II has a native ISO of 100 to 40,000 with expansion up to 102,000.

The Nikon D750 has native ISO of 100 to 12,800 with expansion up to just 51,200

The Canon 6D gets the nod here again.

Frames Per Second

Both cameras come in at 6.5 fps, good enough to shoot a sexy walk across the room or a hand tracing down the curve of the body.

LCD Screen and Viewfinder

The D750’s screen is not only bigger than the 6D’s at 3.2” compared to 3”, but is 18% higher in resolution. It’s viewfinder also has 100% coverage while Canon’s coverage is at 98% allowing for something unwanted to creep into the edge of your pictures that you’d have to crop out later in post.

The 6D, however, has a fully articulating screen with touch sensitivity. The D750’s screen tilts, which is good for extreme high or low angles, but is not touch sensitive.

I’ve never come across a situation where I needed my LCD screen to tilt while shooting boudoir, let alone a fully articulating one, however, the fully articulating screen can come in handy if you’re shooting video of yourself and you need to check if you’re in frame or not. 

I’d have to give this category to Nikon because I like knowing what is 100% in my frame and not have any surprises later that will increase my workflow in post. 

Flash Sync Speed

The Canon 6D is rated at 1/180th while the Nikon D750 is at 1/200th, so Nikon has the edge on this, but if you only shoot in natural light, this is a non-issue. 

Shutter Durability

The Nikon is rated at 150,000 cycles.

The Canon is rated at 100,000 cycles. 

The winner here is obvious.


Both cameras offer full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution at frames rates up to 60fps. The D750, though, has zebra striping to warn of overexposure, which is a nice feature. 

The D750 comes with a mic and headphone jack.

The 6D comes with just a mic jack but no headphone jack… hmm. 

Memory Slots

Now this is important.

The D750 has two SD card slots.

The 6D has just one, so no backup for the 6D 🙁

Clear winner here is the Nikon D750.

Size and Weight

The 6D is slightly smaller and lighter by about 75g so if you have small hands this might serve you well. 

I like lighter cameras so I’m giving the nod to the 6D on this one.

Battery Life

Virtually the same.

The Nikon D750 registers 1230 shots vs. 1200 for the Canon 6D.

Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi

The clear winner here is the 6D with built-in Bluetooth, GPS (for geotagging images in-camera), and Wi-Fi + NFC for quick image sharing to a tablet or smartphone.

The D750 has Wi – Fi.

Comparing the Differences

As one can see, these two cameras are similar in a lot of ways but also different with regard to some features and capabilities. The real issue here is which camera is better in the areas that count when shooting boudoir.

Here’s my take on that.

I wouldn’t get either one of them.

Where I’d Put My Money Instead… It May Surprise You

If I was making the switch to full-frame I wouldn’t mess around with either of these two cameras because you can get a much better camera (used in excellent condition) that is more up to date with more features and better imaging for the same amount of money you’d buy either of these two models used as well. 

Nikon D800 with lens
Nikon D800 with Nikkor 50mm 1.8 D lens

You’d spend about $400-$500 more if you bought either the D750 or the 6D brand new over a used D800 or D800e. You’d be spending more and getting less camera bang for your buck.

As of 2020 the price for a brand new Canon 6D Mark II is $1400, used in excellent shape, $1100

For a brand new Nikon D750 you’ll pay $1500, used in excellent shape, $975.

A used Nikon D800 in excellent shape is around $850.

A used Nikon D800e in excellent shape is around $900.

Why on earth would you spend $1400 for a new inferior camera when you could save about $600 and buy a used Nikon D800 or D800e in excellent shape for around $850 — $900?

Unless that fully articulating screen and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is something you just can’t live without in the 6D, put your money where you’re going to get better quality images.

If you’d like more information on the D800 and D800e, check out the articles below. 

Thanks for your time!

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