Boudoir Pose Breakdown – Serpentine

Boudoir bed pose

This pose is alluring and the invitation is her look.

In this installment of Boudoir Pose Breakdown we’re going to analyze a pose I call Serpentine.

This pose creates a sensual winding path your eye travels down that runs the length of the body boudoir from head to toe. 

It’s a sleek and sensual pose I usually shoot on the bed, although you could shoot it on the floor, but I prefer the bed. It makes it a lot more comfortable for your subject and I like the option of having rumbled sheets around her catching all those highlights and shadows.

The alternative is to pull those sheets back and just have a clean flat surface to feature the pose against.

What Is The Pose Saying?

With her eye peeking out over her arm, her look into camera, and her body partially coiled, she’s like a snake hiding in the grass waiting to strike at her prey.

But this snake is a temptress lying in wait ready to pounce on her lover, injecting them with a venomous aphrodisiac they’ll fall victim to and succumbing to her lustful desires.

That’s what I see when I view this pose.

This is also a good exercise to do with all your poses.

If you can fuel each one of your poses with this kind of specificity, and then convey that to your client, not only will she have something solid to focus on and work with, but it will buoy the pose with an energy and an attitude it would not normally have.

It takes your posing to an eleven.

If you can’t create a little scenario or description then you have to ask yourself if that pose is really worth shooting… or is it a counterfeit pose? A pose pretending to be something real but in reality it’s not anything at all. 

It may look like a boudoir pose, but it may be worthless and empty with regard to having impact.

Now, in all honesty, I didn’t convey to my model the scenario I described above when I shot this… (and you can see it in her eyes, or rather the lack of it). 

It’s still a pretty decent shot… but there’s room for improvement. 

Her eyes are not really saying much, in my opinion.

This concept of really painting a picture with your poses and having your subject play with that in her mind didn’t come to me until later, way after I shot this.

Try it with some poses on your next shoot and see what kind of reaction you get from your client, and also the results you get.

With Eyes Closed

Shot with eyes closed, this pose takes on a somewhat dream-like quality, as if she’s envisioning something in her mind. I never get the sense that she’s asleep though, because her coiled lower body contains too much energy.

Shoot it both ways and see which one you like better, however, with eyes open, it takes on a whole different vibe. 

The Structure of the Pose

Have her lay on her stomach, then have her slide the leg closest to camera up so her knee bends. This will cause that side of her to prop up a bit. It also lifts the booty and creates that curve that is the key element of this pose.

Her back arm is bent and tucked underneath her to rest her head on, and the arm closest to camera is slightly bent and stretched out in front of her.

You can adjust your angle to get that eye peeking out above her arm to be just right, and she can also adjust her head to some degree as well.

What you want to create is the rise and fall of her booty down to her waist, then the rise and fall of her shoulder down to her out-stretched arm.

You also want a clean background for that line to be clearly seen, if possible. 


You can shoot this in either a onesie or two-piece bra and bottom set. 

Notice the slight bunching of fabric you get at the waist with the onesie in the example above, so be aware of that.

In bra and bottoms you won’t get that, but you may get some skin crimping depending on the size of your model. You can alleviate that though by having her slide her bent leg back some.

It now becomes a trade off between the height of her booty pop and the degree to which her skin is crimping, so find the right balance. 

Key Points To Capturing Serpentine

As mentioned before, the defining element of this pose is the bent knee that causes the booty to rise. That triggers the entire pose.

Also, make sure her eyes are saying something — that’s where describing to her a scenario will come in handy. 

This pose is alluring and the invitation is her look.

If you’re not getting the effect you want, tell her to give you the look of seduction with some bedroom eyes.

If she’s having trouble with that (and believe me, some will), then tell her to squint, as if she’s trying to focus on something far off in the distance. Combine that with a sly smile and you’ll be good to go. 

Wrap Up

Serpentine is a pose that shows off the entire body in a sensual line that invites the viewer on a journey that no other pose does with such affect. 

It’s also a great pose to elongate your subject, making her look leaner, as well as, making women who aren’t that curvy look curvaceous.

So add Serpentine to your bed sequence. I’m sure your clients will love it!

Thanks for your time!

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Charles Mitri

Founder / Lounge Boudoir

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