4 Must-Have Boudoir Products For Boudoir Photographers

Boudoir album and print box

In running your boudoir business there are four must-have boudoir products that every photographer should offer their clients, because these are the products most clients want to buy. Granted, you could offer more, and some do, but if you had to narrow it down to just the most popular, these would be the four. 

Four Must-Have Boudoir Products


Wall Art

Image Box


Let’s take a closer look and see what their unique qualities are.  


Albums are the number one image product clients order. Their popularity is easy to understand since they’re an attractive yet discreet way for clients to enjoy an entire collection of images from their shoot. 

Boudoir Albums

They also usually have a say in the look, feel, and size of their album which personalizes it even more. 

There are a number of software programs that make designing an album really quick and easy.  Personally, I use Smart Albums and it’s one of the tasks I look forward to doing most.

Boudoir photographers can offer their clients a variety of covers from leather, linen, suede, velvet, and more depending on which company they work with — and can offer swatches for clients to touch and feel to get a good sense of what their album will be like when ordering.

Common Album Sizes

The most common sizes boudoir albums come in are:

12×12 11×14

10×10 8×11

 8×8 6×8


Boudoir albums
8×8 & 10×10 Boudoir Albums

One can safely estimate that the number of images in an album will closely coincide with twice the number of spreads your album will contain, with two pages consisting of one spread. So, an album with 25 spreads (or 50 pages) with have around fifty images. 

Some pages will have one big spread across two pages, while others will feature one to three images per page. In the end, I’ve found (at least the way I design albums) if you have 50 images then plan on an album with 25 spreads or 50 pages.

Two page spread in boudoir album
Two page spread in boudoir album

Other Options

Other options can include a cover image, foil stamping, debossing, and gilding (usually in gold or silver).

Album Presentation Box

An added option some photographers offer with their album orders is a presentation box that houses the album, which may or may not contain a lock. In any event, most will feature a ribbon that makes removing the album from its snug fit hassle-free.

This decorative box not only adds an extra layer of protection but also serves as a wonderful presentation for your client’s boudoir album. 

In the end, an album is the perfect product for clients who want a discreet yet portable way to preserve their images. They can easily be stored on a bookshelf, in a closet, under the bed, in a dresser drawer or out in the open on a coffee table, nightstand, or end-table. 

Image Box

The image box (or folio box) is another elegant yet discreet way your clients can preserve their images.

Like an album, an image box is a collection of printed images but stored individually in a decorative box made of professional grade paper construct, metal, wood, or glass. 

Usually 4×6 or 5×7 in size, these prints rest stacked inside but can be taken out and enjoyed or featured individually on an easel for display.

The image box, along with the album, is another staple of boudoir product offerings. 

Let’s now talk about the prints.


The prints that go inside an image box can come in three different formats — matted, flush mount, or plain.

Matted Prints

Matted prints are individual photographic prints (printed on professional photography paper) that are matted but not framed. A matting is a rigid frame constructed of professional grade paperboard.

Flush Mounted Prints

Flush mounted prints use professional grade paperboard a few millimeters thick that is mounted flush onto the back of the printed image. Unlike matted prints, all the support is on the back with no framing on the front.

Plain Prints

Plain prints are just the images on the paper they were printed on. They are quite flexible with no support added to them at all. 

Wall Art

Boudoir wall art

There’s a wide variety of wall art you can offer clients, but for now we’ll just concentrate on four — matted prints, metal prints, canvas wraps, and acrylic prints.

Matted Prints

Matted prints are your professionally printed photos matted and framed. Whether you want to offer frames to go along with those matted prints is up to you. With fine art boudoir photography I think matted prints are one of the best formats to showcase images in. There’s a classic look to it and is a real piece of art. 

Metal Prints

metal boudoir print

Metal prints have the image “infused” onto a silky smooth piece of aluminum, but there are two kinds of surfaces to choose from, White Base or Metal Brush.

White Base

With white base, a layer of white is infused first onto the surface, then the image is infused on top of that. This makes colors “pop” more and presents a smooth glossy finish.

Metal Brush 

With metal brush, the image is infused right onto the brushed metal surface adding a subtle textured finish that’s more matte. Colors are more subdued than with White Base. If you want more of a hard-edged industrial look then go with the metal brush.

The great thing about metal prints is that there’s no glass, no matting, and no framing. It’s one unit that’s fairly lightweight and easy to hang on the wall. I love metal prints. They have a clean contemporary look that focuses all your attention onto the image itself.

Canvas Wraps

With canvas wraps your image is printed on poly cotton cloth that’s stretched tightly over a thick wooden frame. The cool thing about canvas wraps is that the image continues along the side, top, and bottom edges making it three-dimensional. 

Since you can see the texture of the cloth through your image, canvas wraps can resemble an oil painting in some fashion.


With acrylics, your image is infused onto a solid block of clear acrylic. It’s a substantial piece of art for sure and like canvas wraps, are more three-dimensional looking.


Clients want their digital files!

So make sure you offer them in some manner.

After all, they can’t post their album or wall art on their social media (well, they can if they take a picture of it), but I want my clients to share my work on their social media as much as possible so I always incentivize them with some type of digital offering.

More and more boudoir photographers are offering digital files now as part of their product lineup and it makes sense because the more people that see your work the more work you’ll get.

Custom USB Thumb Drives

Crystal USB thumb drive for digital boudoir images

Custom USB thumb drives are a great way to preserve and present digital files and if you sell print boxes, some of them come with a small compartment to house one inside, which makes for a great combo.


To wrap things up, the four must-have boudoir products every boudoir photographer should be offering their clients are albums, images boxes, wall art, and digitals.

Boudoir Videos

The future is here… step into it.

With the rise in popularity of mirrorless cameras, which are designed to capturing high-quality video, offering your clients a boudoir video is certainly something you should consider.  

I’m sure it won’t be long before boudoir video is added to your list of must-have products that clients will be asking for.

Image Product Companies

There are many companies around the world that cater to professional photographers and their product needs. Here are just a few to get you started.

Miller’s Lab

White House Custom Color

The Boudoir Album

Bay Photo Lab

UAF Photo Lab

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